TCP & UDP Port 8116 Information

Port name:cp-cluster
Port 8116 common errors:Traffic overload To learn more about errors in your system run a free registry scan.
Services or applications using this port:Check Point VPN, FireWall-1, Check Point NGX
Malicious services / applications:None

Port 8116 details:

Protocol: TCP & UDP
IAMA status: Official
Range: Registered
Traffic: inbound, outbound, both
Notification: True
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Technical description for port 8116:

The port 8116 is used for Check Point Clustering, which is currently being utilized by some firewall software applications. This port is primarily used for state synchronization to sync session tables. Badly configured cluster topology could mean heavy traffic on this port. Check Point VPN, FireWall-1, and Check Point NGX use this port.
The port 8116 is used by the software applications listed above chiefly as a protocol for its internal communications requirements between high availability cluster members. This port is responsible for reporting, querying, load balancing, and probing. In a way, this port is used as a security feature of firewalls and virtual private network programs.
This port fully functions as a cluster control protocol for the software. The UDP port 8116 is tasked to broadcast packets to be transmitted to the cluster interfaces.
This is true when state synchronization is enabled. These broadcasts are necessary to check the health status of the cluster, especially when a clustering solution has to be implemented.
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