TCP Port 6969 Information

Port name:acmsoda
Port 6969 common errors:Port 6969 is a common port exploited by backdoor-creating Trojans To learn more about errors in your system run a free registry scan.
Services or applications using this port:acmsoda, BitTorrent
Malicious services / applications:2000 Cracks, Net Controller, IRC 3, GateCrasher, Danton, Priority, 2000Cracks, Bigorna

Port 6969 details:

Protocol: TCP
IAMA status: Official
Range: Registered
Traffic: inbound, outbound, both
Notification: True
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Technical description for port 6969:

Port 6969 is an official port dedicated to the acmsoda service. There is no available information regarding this service on the Web.
Port 6969 is also used by BitTorrent application for their Update Tracker service. Mainly for outgoing connection, port 6969 is used by the service to initiate handshake to various clients to double-check the status of trackers attached to a specific file download.
Port 6969 may also be used as a dedicated port for direct FTP connections. Some utilize port 6969 as an HTTP proxy to allow Web access to a specific site without being restricted by security protocols.
Most ISPs block port 6969 due to various malware-variants that open up the port for remote access. The GateCrasher Trojan opens up port 6969 as a backdoor to allow remote users to infiltrate a machine to plant Trojans and worms, or initiate DoS (denial of service) attacks.
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