TCP & UDP Port 5900 Information

Port name:VNC-Server
Port 5900 common errors:Hackers can utilize this port for malicious remote control operations. To learn more about errors in your system run a free registry scan.
Services or applications using this port:VNC Server
Malicious services / applications:Backdoor.Evivinc

Port 5900 details:

Protocol: TCP & UDP
IAMA status: Unofficial
Range: Registered
Traffic: inbound, outbound, both
Notification: True
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Technical description for port 5900:

The network port 5900 is officially used by the VNC Server which can be deployed on various Operating System environments. These platforms however do not provide any secure settings and requires the implementation of Service Packs to function correctly. The port can host the connection session zero of the VNC Server when using either Remote Desktop or Fast User Switching.
The protocol running on the computer port 5900 is associated with the VNC Viewer which correspondingly executes on listen mode using the TCP port 5500. The Windows version of this protocol can be executed in either a User Mode (personal server per user) or as a Service Mode (system service enabled regardless of logged in user) server.
Any logged on user has the option of running a User Mode server next to existing Service Mode servers that are installed in the same machine.
When running both modes on a single system, they must be configured to work in such a way that only one of them uses the port 5900.
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