TCP & UDP Port 5632 Information

Port name:pcANYWHEREstat
Port 5632 common errors:Port 5632 is prone to remote influencing attacks. To learn more about errors in your system run a free registry scan.
Services or applications using this port:pcANYWHEREstat
Malicious services / applications:Possible PCanywhere exploitation attempt

Port 5632 details:

Protocol: TCP & UDP
IAMA status: Official
Range: Registered
Traffic: inbound, outbound, both
Notification: True
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Technical description for port 5632:

Employing the system port 5632 normally invokes the usage of the pcANYWHEREstat protocol. This service is deployed by the pcAnywhere computer application which is developed by Symantec Corporation. The usage of this program provides a user with the means of remotely connecting to any system running the same application on the remote machine.
The communication port 5632 normally uses the Internet or LAN (Local Area Network) infrastructure as the underlying foundation for its data transmissions. The architecture normally follows that of a Client-Server format with one machine acting as the host and the requesting party. Part of the security included in the usage of this port is the password verification feature.
Once a verifiable password is used, a mutual connection on the network port 5632 would be opened to allow the execution of remote administration based on the user's access rights.
The computer port 5632 can play host to various platforms that can run the pcAnywhere program. Aside from Microsoft Windows, other platforms are Mac OS X, PocketPC and Linux.
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