TCP & UDP Port 3269 Information

Port name:msft-gc-ssl
Port 3269 common errors:No Common Error To learn more about errors in your system run a free registry scan.
Services or applications using this port:Microsoft Global Catalog with SSL
Malicious services / applications:No Malicious Service or Application

Port 3269 details:

Protocol: TCP & UDP
IAMA status: Unofficial
Range: Registered
Traffic: inbound, outbound, both
Notification: True
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Technical description for port 3269:

Port 3269 is a dedicated port for Microsoft Global Catalog that LDAP and SSL functions. Global Catalog is a wide-area network service that allows an individual to store extra information on a remote server using the TCP communication standards.
Users connecting to the Global Catalog server can utilize a TCP connection via 3269 to transmit and receive SSL encrypted data.
Unlike its counterpart port 3268, port 3269 only holds encrypted traffic, making it the best access point for services that require high-end data integrity, accuracy, and security.
Port 3269 is mostly used by Global Catalog users to make secured modification to a database found in the Global server through a TCP connection. Port 3269 is mostly bound to an IP address for the Microsoft Global Catalog system.
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