TCP Port 110 Information

Port name:Post Office Protocol 3 (POP3)
Port 110 common errors:The user experiences problems logging on to the mail server. This often occurs because the user's password is not accepted by the server. To learn more about errors in your system run a free registry scan.
Services or applications using this port:Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
Malicious services / applications:Backdoor.Civcat

Port 110 details:

Protocol: TCP
IAMA status: Official
Range: Well-known
Traffic: inbound
Notification: True
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Technical description for port 110:

Port 110 is the main port yielding to the POP3 e-mailing system. Port 110 implements the post office protocol for the clients_ reception of electronic mails from the system_s assigned servers working as post office. This port is an essential associate of all e-mail managing applications operable under PC type devices.
Through Port 110, applications are able to connect themselves to respective remote e-mail servers. By using the POP3 protocol, these applications would be able to retrieve the client_s e-mail. This port first identifies the necessary log-in information such as username and password before it avails of the e-mail package to which the user information belongs to.
Since there are also a number of users who use either the earlier or newer e-mail protocols, Port 110 collaborates with its predecessor_s ports and of the port of the latest e-mail protocol known as Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP).
Port 110 supports the newest addition to the e-mail retrieval protocol of the POP series. This port also works by supporting both the e-mail sending facility known as the SMTP and POP3 or IMAP for message retrieval.
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