Error 7361 - Error Code 0x1CC1

IPX or NETBIOS must be running in order to load the network services.
Description of ErrorThe Error 7361 is registered when the transport compatible with IPX/SPX is utilized with NetBIOS as the exclusive protocol in Windows for Workgroups version 3.11 and the real-mode director is initiated. The error is caused by the absence of NETBEUI or NDISHLP.SYSdriver on the transport = line in the network driver section of the SYSTEM.INI file. Other potential causes are the employment of the NDIS driver in the enhanced mode and the launch of the MS-DOS network services.

Troubleshooting Error 7361

THE PROBLEMWhen this error occurs, there is a failure to boot from the floppy disk into the network drive.Errors on your system may be caused by invalid registry entries and outdated or corrupt drivers.
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THE SOLUTIONThe recommended solution to the problem is that prior to loading the NETBEUI protocol for real mode, the following statement must be placed in the area for network drivers of the SYSTEM.INI file: transport=*netbeui,ndishlp.sys. The user must then double click on the icon for Network Setup in the Network Group to activate the NDIS driver for real mode. The Drivers button is then clicked followed by the Setup button. The NDIS Driver for Real Mode or the Driver for Enhanced and Real Mode is then chosen in the Driver Type Box.
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