Error 1394 - Error Code 0x572

Windows Error Message 1394: 'ERROR_NO_USER_SESSION_KEY'

There is no user session key for the specified logon session.
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Description of ErrorThe Windows error 1394 occurs when the user makes an attempt to employ the session key while logged on to the system. Session keys are single-use symmetric keys utilized for the encryption of messages in a single communication session. Session keys function to introduce a complication within a crypto system and normally have undesirable ends. They also function in resolving other problems that is why they are frequently used. On the other hand, logon sessions are computing sessions that begin each time a user authentication is successful and end when the user logs off the computer system.

Troubleshooting Error 1394

THE PROBLEMThe problem encountered by the user involving the error 1394 includes the inability to encrypt messages during a communication session.Errors on your system may be caused by invalid registry entries and outdated or corrupt drivers.
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THE SOLUTIONThe Windows error 1394 is a Windows 2000 Executive STATUS message. For the user to resolve this issue, it is advised that the user choose one from among the options in the message box. After which, the said user would then have to log off and then log back on so as to make a second attempt at the operation.
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